Wednesday 20 February 2019

Signage Is so important.

It was totally my mistake.

I’m making my way to the beach, I’ve stopped for coffee, done a bit of people watching, but it’s still early so it’s very quiet.
The dress code in the Royal area is 'no beachwear' 

So with my beach bag under my arm, my plan is to change in the ladies into my costume and cokoy, I head for the ‘rest rooms’ near the beach, it’s very bright and the sunshine is bouncing back up at me from the light floor tiles, I can already feel the heat reflecting upwards... it’s going to be a hot day today.

It’s cool and quiet in the rest room, all the doors are open and I choose a cubicle.

I’m half into my costume when I hear something that makes me freeze... two men are chatting in Spanish very close to me. They are definitely here with me in the ladies and not outside.

Maybe they are cleaners? I hear doors closing.

No.... definitely not cleaners.

Then I hear more voices and I begin to feel very warm and just a bit uncomfortable, I’m not in the ladies! I stand in silence just listening, and the reality of it sinks in.

I finished getting dressed and stand very quietly listening for any noise.

I’ll casually walk straight out when it’s quite.
I’ve got to walk confidently, straight out.

It’s been a little while, but there is now silence, so I make a calm dash for it.

No one about, I turn back and realise my mistake..... really it could have happened to anybody!!

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k said...

HaHa Fiona, yes that has to have happened to hundreds of people both men & women. But when it's you it is embarrassing . Enjoy your holiday. K