Tuesday 21 May 2019

A fun workshop

Last Saturday I had my first workshop in quite a while, it was a full house, and I was really looking forward to painting with others again.
I had to drop my little dog Maggie off at the dog sitters (a total holiday for her, playing with friends for the day) at 8.00 then I drove to Marlborough to set up for the day. I arrived laden with flowers, lilies and tulips, and the room smelled divine.

What a joyous group I had, 4 of the lovely ladies had travelled all the way from Kent to be with me for the day, how nice is that? we began with some small studies, just to get us going, then once we had the hang of it, we were off, and the results were super.

Ruth was so enthusiastic, when the paint began to run on my demo, she said "Ooooo, there is goes" and it certainly did! and Joyce had begun so nervously, worrying that she would not enjoy her day, and she had a great time! (whew)
The whole group were a joy to teach, and I realised what I had been missing these last months, so thank you to you all.

Two more dates have been organised, details of which will be on my website soon.

When I picked Maggie up, she was shattered, she curled up under the kitchen table and snored whilst I ate my dinner!

The following morning, the flowers had opened even more and the looked glorious, so I spent my Sunday, paints in hand, having a wonderful time!

I decided to loosen up a bit more, so that the flowers were more suggestive. I quite like the idea of taking it even more towards the abstract. I'll probably try something very dramatic and just go for it!