Sunday 26 October 2014

A busy time - new workshops planned

My feet have not touched the ground this summer and life has sped by at an alarming pace!
Ive done lots of paintings and taught in some lovely workshops, a particularly nice one was figures using water soluble media. I do so enjoy painting figures and have introduced collage to some of my work lately (which will appear in an article I am almost finished writing for LP).
Here is an example of what I have been up to, flooding in washes and glazing colour over text and line - great fun. This painting came about after a trip to France where I spent far too much time sitting on station platforms people watching. Something did come out of it though, lots of people studies to use! Hoorah! (Always look on the bright side)

With my last workshop here in the Cotswolds being this week I have been planning the Spring subjects for 2015. I know many of you like to get organised with your dates so I have been super efficient and have just added four dates to my website taking us up to June. As you know, I don't offer many workshops so I try and make them as varied as possible. The water soluble media workshops were very popular this year and I think quite a few people were surprised at what can be achieved, drawing skills was also something we spoke about with many people wanting a fun day learning how to draw, so I have a 'seeing' day planned for the Spring which will be lots of fun.
If you didn't manage to get to the Cotswolds to join me this year, perhaps you will in 2015.