Monday 18 February 2019

Always look for the blue

I can’t believe I’m awake at 5am! It’s pitch black outside, and I don’t want to scroll through watching TV adverts with weird medical disclaimers.

The breakfast buffet opens at 6 so I might try and suss out the filter coffee machine. I drink tea, (its what we Brits do) and there are even 'twinnings' tea bags, but no kettle. The room is advertised as having tea and coffee making facilities, but I can’t see how I’m going to make tea. There is a chrome flask beneath a 'v' shaped filter, it would appear that the water goes in the back, then filters through to the flask. Still no idea how I get tea from this thing.

Not to worry, it’s day 1 I'm going to shake things up a bit and have coffee. I pour a small bottle of water (neatly placed by the side of the machine for utmost convenience) into the back of the machine, then open a large sachet containing a giant coffee bag which smells delicious, I sit this into the 'v' shaped filter, switch on the machine and before I know it, a blue light comes on and there is a reassuring bubbling sound.
I’m already beginning to feel that I’m doing quite well, no overflowing of the machine, and a mug of delicious hot coffee to start the day.
Tea might prove a problem though. Surely I’m not expected to put a tiny tea bag into that filter?

The breakfast buffet is deserted at 6. (frankly, Im not surprised) However, I cannot sit anywhere to the left of the dining room where a very large sign reads ‘diamond club’
The right section looks ok and the food is the same because it’s in the middle, there is a huge choice of anything I might surely wish for to begin my day, from nachos and yams to 6 different kinds of scrambled egg.
How many scrambled egg types does a person need?
The fresh fruit selection is really good.

I’m going to head off to the beach this morning.

I have a map which shows a direct path to the beach through the Royal Hotel, I wander past lush greenery,  yellow legged coots wander down the path squawking as they go. Mottled ducks with a large brood of ducklings meander along with me, I feel like I’m on a little wildlife walk, not to mention the peacocks which appear randomly en route.

The Royal is all marble and space, very smart, and the walkway to the beach is flanked by a number of shallow infinity pools linked by wooden walkways. As I reach the swimming pool area a sign greets me ‘memories path to the beach’ and another sign clearly states that these pools are for the exclusive and sole use of others (not me) yes...he diamond club!
I walk down a path with dense greenery on each side, past an opulent glass entrance, then past large wooden doors which say ‘for the sole use of Hideaway guests, only those with hideaway arm bands can enter this area’

I continue towards the sound of the sea, past some delightful water fountains (which appear to be for everyone to admire) then a glorious sight.... blue sea, crashing waves, white sand and palm trees. Plus, a sign which reads ‘memories guests this way’ to the right is a sea of blue plastic sun loungers, to the left are very tasteful beige sun beds with cream padded cushions, lovely towels neatly rolled up and placed on them, and a covered area for massages with delightful thin floaty curtains gently wafting in the breeze, rather like a magazine advert.
I head for the blue sun loungers.
The white beach and the sea are glorious. I spend the next couple of hours people watching and enjoying the sounds of the sea.
I really have landed in a little paradise.

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