Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Porlock Weir

This was the view from my window at 5am... red sky in the morning....

We woke up to glorious sunshine again but the forecast predicted heavy rain by lunch time, so there was a rush to Porlock along the coast. This is such a fab harbour, there are some modern sailing boats as well as old wooden ones and lots of little rowing boats scattered about.
There is so much choice that if you are not careful you can spend an entire morning deliberating and not achieving anything.
The wind was picking up and I chose to sit in the wind because that was the view I wanted to paint, I didn't want to sit in a sheltered spot and compromise on my subject. I loved the dark harbour walls behind these white boats and the water glistening on the mud, but it all had to be done pretty swiftly.
This was the stage after flooding in the initial washes. I think the wind assisted the drying time, and the paper had to be securely taped in place. I was a bit worried balancing the painting on my feet to take a picture, I has visions of it flying off into the mud. (Terry lost his hat to the wind today, one more item in the harbour)

Next I need to add the darks, I have stumbled upon a really nice colour combination which seems to be lovely for creating warm interesting darks, Tarmac and Raw Sienna with Sunlit Green dropped in for the green sludge of the harbour.

I really enjoyed painting this little view, it became very dark and overcast so in order to keep the original light I had to look at the photo I had taken at the first washes stage to add the shadows. But the haste with which I needed to paint it helped my concentration, that's for sure. 
There is a certain atmosphere in a painting painted directly outdoors rather than those painted indoors, they often become firm favourites of mine. This one I am really pleased with.

It poured with rain just 10 minutes after this photo was taken and continued to rain heavily on our journey home, but what a wonderful trip we had.

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