Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lorna Doone Country

This cluster of buildings and a ford is so quintessentially English, I just had to do a little pen and wash of it. I view pen and wash as a sketch, an excercise in looking and a simple way to portray buildings. I try not to add too much detail which can be quite hard when using a fine nib pen.

This was the stage when the pen was complete before the colour was added.

The colour is added really quickly and simply.

After lunch I fancied doing something relatively simple as I had a demo to do in the evening, so I needed some time to switch off and I wanted to avoid spending time on a more complex painting.
I had spotted this wonderful subject from the car park when I arrived in the morning, a lovely little VW camper van in my favourite colour! It was in shade in the morning and I hoped it would be in sunshine that afternoon.

This is my finished painting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your husband's painting in water color in youtube, which led to his website and yours, and this blog --- now I am inspired to continue learning with watercolor painting. it's a welcome break from my daily grind.I just started to use that medium last month and still trying to learn the curves. Thank you for the tips and sharing your knowledge. - Iryn