Sunday 13 October 2013

Inspired to paint

I just couldn't wait to get my brushes wet and use my watercolours again this week! Italy was lovely and I was longing to get some of my ideas onto paper.
I have been concentrating on using a limited palette and mixing some sumptuous darks which are wonderful to portray interesting shadow areas within a painting, I wanted granulating pigments that suggested interest and texture without my needing to fiddle about too much and this is the result.
The Flower Market
Its painted on Saunders Waterford High White Cotton rag paper and using DANIEL SMITH watercolour paints.

I love those warm buildings, the ochre's that are so sumptuous in shadow with a hint of purple, and the shaft of sunlight between the buildings. For me, this is a great composition - it wasn't an accident though, it takes a bit of planning to make something appear a coincidence but at the same time balanced. I was once looking at a lovely painting in a Gallery and overheard someone say... "oh but its SO contrived" and I thought..... isn't every painting 'contrived' to some extent, after all, we don't just stumble upon a composition do we?
Just a thought.


Norm said...

Are you using Daniel Smith's watercolour because it is easier to re-wet tube paint?

I want to move from pan to tube filled pan but I use W&N and their site suggests their tubes are not designed for re-wetting.

Fiona Peart said...

Hi Norm, I am now using Daniel Smith paints because they are a wonderful product, yes, I used W&N pans for years but Winsors have been bought out, so I have been on the search for another paint manufacturer. DS paints are perfect for the way I paint, and as they are pure pigment with just Gum Arabic added they can be re-wet, even if they have totally dried out. These are the only paints I know of that allows this without loss of pigment strength.
I use the Terry Harrison watercolour palette with the lid which covers the paint keeping it moist, so I just top it up as I use it. its the best palette for tubes in my opinion.
If you decide to buy a palette from my site I will add a free DS dot card with it, which has on it the 12 colours I use so you can try them. Good luck with your painting!