Tuesday 8 October 2013

Back from Italy

We had a great week in Italy but the weather was very grey. I loved the pastel coloured buildings, the reflections and the wonderful array of subtle colours, we spent a lot of time travelling which was just as well as the damp conditions meant we never felt we were missing out on painting time. We enjoyed one day of sunshine and shadows and the rest was 'atmospheric' (as we arty folk say) which basically means 'overcast and grey'!

I am now planning to do some town scenes with umbrellas and archways, I love painting figures, especially with reflections on wet surfaces, so I fancy using my watercolours and splash about a bit this week, but first I need to catch up with a few things. I cant wait to get out my watercolours though and I promise to show you what I get up to. These were typically the sort of views we enjoyed.

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