Wednesday 18 September 2013

Sheep using fab colours!

Ewe and Me
During the Open Studio so many people asked me to show them how to paint flowers that I ended up doing flower posies rather than actual paintings, however I did manage to complete one more picture, this time of sheep. Its a technique I demonstrate in my new book using water soluble media, great fun because you don't use a paint brush at all, but you do need lots of water!
I know.... it sounds crazy doesn't it, but it works for me.

So the Open Studio is over again till next year, thank you to everyone who visited us. I have barely had time to pause for breath this week!

Yesterday I had such a lovely workshop with 9 chicken painters! We painted chickens in all shapes and sizes, splashing and flicking paint as well as using a brush. Brenda brought everyone a gift of a knitted chicken each.... a gorgeous little hand made chicken. One for everyone, such a kind thing to do - thank you Brenda.
Such lovely people come to my workshops, it was especially nice to paint with Nicole again after about 6 years, neither of us had aged of course! Nicole brought me some scrummy fresh green beans from her allotment, they were 'squeaky' fresh and delicious

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