Saturday 14 September 2013

All day Demonstration

It was so busy at times that people were unable to get into our marquee and had to wait until some people left. Terry was painting lovely landscape views throughout the day whilst I painted a single painting, it was quite a complex harbour view of a yacht and lots of rigging and took 5 stages. I didn't want it to look photographic I wanted to suggest movement and so I did quite a bit of splashing and flicking colour.  The figures are very important, they add some dramatic colour and tell a story.
I masked quite a large area then flooded in colours, tilted the board and shook it to get the pigment to run, ooh it was lovely watching all that wonderful colour running across the paper. It looked a bit shocking and I am sure some of the people watching thought I must have lost the plot!

Some of the colours flocculated and resulted in stunning turquoise speckles across the entire painting. I thoroughly enjoyed painting it, its a subject I really love.
Tying Off 10 x 14 inches

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