Monday 9 March 2020

Workshop using acrylics

We had such a lovely day in Marlborough painting a winter scene.
Everyone had used acrylics before, but some in the group were very nervous about the day, and in the end, they needn't have been because their results were really good.

Our first project was an allotment in snow, we all had the same photographic reference and blank canvases. When I began by saying that we wouldn't be drawing any pencil outlines to begin with, I could almost feel the sense of dread in the room.  Its a daunting prospect for many people, the idea of beginning to paint with no guide lines of any sort, but instead of finding this daunting, we turned it on its head and thought about it as freeing, no lines to stick to, everything is movable, adjustable, and any changes simply implemented.

This is my painting at the midway stage. (sorry I forgot to take pictures sooner, I just got carried away)

This is where I got to when we finished for lunch. I may add a little more in the foreground, but I do rather like the free loose result so far, so I wont add too much.

If I do, I will of course post the final painting.

The group followed my suggestions when we painted together, however, I did say that after lunch they could use their own artistic twist on the day and do what ever they wanted.

I do think its important that participants on my workshops use what ever techniques of mine they chose to, but also have the freedom to add their own.

These were the results of their allotment paintings. They were all quite different and had lots of mood and atmosphere. 

The group were so delighted with their second paintings that I am sure they wont mind my showing you. These were the ones they did using the second photo.

Thank you to all of you that joined me for this very enjoyable day, and I know some of you have already booked on the next workshop, so I'll see you then! 

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