Tuesday 4 February 2020

Spot the difference.

You know when you see something, and you cant un-see it? That's what happened.

Its like those magic pictures, look at them a certain way and you see something different, and once seen, you then see it all the time.
My painting remained on the easel and each time I glanced across, I saw it.
I had a sneaky look, and it was still there.

This morning when I returned from my walk I just had to do it, opened my palette and altered the painting.
Below are the two photos, the top one is the before (the same as my last post) and the one below is the altered one.

I wonder if you spot the change straight away? Do tell me if you do!

1 comment:

Frances in N.Z said...

Yes I see the 'cross'
Lovely art work.
You are the only 'blog' thingy I follow as I enjoy your art.
And no I don't do facebook so your earlier post about that made me smile.