Wednesday 21 November 2018

Ready to go to new homes

This week has been a bit like 'old times' for me, there have been canvases and frames stacked up, paints and brushes out and 'in use' clutter all over my work area, and an air of 'things happening' in stark contrast to the neat and tidy work space which has welcomed me each day for the past 18 months. 
I think back on times when I wished for a 'tidy work space' and the 'time to just paint' and that phrase springs to mind....'be careful what you wish for' 
I used to be so rushed off my feet that I didn't have time to 'smell the roses' this Summer however, I did have time to 'smell the roses' and time has quietly moved on. 

I had 10 paintings but one sold this weekend which will be going overseas, these nine are going to The Longitude Gallery in Clitheroe this week.  

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