Tuesday 20 January 2015

Frosty morning walk

This morning was glorious, -2 and crisp underfoot.
I love these mornings especially if its sunny, we headed off to my favourite spot with little Maggie May. I was here with her yesterday evening as the sun was setting, and it was fabulous, so this morning Terry came along with me to experience the early sunshine. I know he is keen to paint this view in its various seasons, so I shall watch his painting with interest. (He is longing for a snow fall!)

This is the river Windrush, it meanders slowly through the countryside and is just a short walk from home. If I painted landscapes, this would surely be on the top of my list of choices for local scenes.

This is what Maggie May looks like if its wet... I call her a mud magnet! she likes to bring lots of it home!

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