Monday, 15 April 2013

Only one small hiccup

My day of preparing went pretty well, just the one hiccup really. The easel was set up, palette in place with the cameras all in position, sound checks done, it had all gone pretty smoothly till I decided to change my water pot. I had done my colour mixing screen tests, had a little paint and the bucket of clean water was pretty grubby, so of course it's always good to start the day with clean water isn't it?
Now I should just mention that we are 9 floors up here. I should also say that I can't read any of the signs. Carrying a full bucket I was shown onto the balcony where there was one sink, so I poured the dirty water into it (as you would)  it proceeded to pour all over the balcony floor, some of it did actually go down a small drain in the corner, but only after soaking most of the balcony!
workshop venue

Hardly flinching I filled it up with clean water ready for the morning.
As we were leaving the room to come back to the hotel we noticed someone taping a sign onto a nearby cupboard, Terry said.... I bet it says " Don't use the sink"

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Unknown said...

Giggle, least you can read that sign! X