Tuesday 26 March 2013

Country Living

I have not had a chance to think never mind write my blog this week! It has been an exciting week at the Country Living Show in London,  5 days demonstrating each day from 9.30 till 6pm then 9pm on Wednesday, consequently I needed a catch up day yesterday to answer all my mail and recover!
I met hundreds of would-be painters, all wanting me to show them various painting techniques and tips, I think the most popular were the chickens! Yep, chickens were big at the CL Show.

In fact there seem to be more chickens on aprons, mugs and tea cosies than anything else. No sooner had I painted one than someone else arrived and said... I missed it..... paint me one too! Each chicken is unique of course, well indeed each chicken naturally is, but I used my wonderful Pyramid brush which made them so easy to paint.
Another popular subject were the Iris, and using the same brush I mould the flowers creating lovely expressive shapes in seconds. No drawing is needed, you just choose a starting point and go for it! 
Painting should be about having fun, and hopefully I inspired some new painters to have a go!

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