Monday, 25 January 2016

Off to a new home

Its always nice when a painting finds a new home, this one sold in Clitheroe and has gone to someone who is now enjoying it on their wall.
I saw this ram at the market there last year, I loved the hustle and bustle of the auction, all the sheep jostling and shoving each other, running around the ring and looking their very best. I have been a couple of times now and always enjoy it, especially the wonderful pie they do for lunch! ( I mustn't say that too loudly)

'Looking at Ewe'

The reason I wanted to show you this one, is because I used some rather fun techniques in the making of it. Lots of spraying, tilting and moving the pigments to achieve these lovely textures. (similar effects to the image Ive put on the background of this blog) Colour plays a big part of course, but if you want to try out these techniques for yourself, do take a look at my DVD which has some great projects in it, they are all fully explained and demonstrated in  my book too, so why not try something different and expand your skills?


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