Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hello 2016

Hello 2016... I know you are probably thinking....bit late, and you'd be right, but things have been pretty manic since Christmas what with our boat race on Boxing day and a boat to make. (made from the Christmas packaging, plastic bottles, bits of recycling and LOADS of tape) they sailed down the river and it was my job (short straw) as usual to wade into the water in my wellies (these, if you are unfamiliar to the term are wellington boots) and fish out all the boats as they pass under the 'finish' bridge.
The water was extremely high this year due to all the heavy rain, so as I waded into the river, trying to meet each boat as it floated by, it was a bit more difficult than I imagined and of course with passers by all watching, I was even more determined not to fall in.

I didn't win this year but came second, it was so close that it was actually a 'photo finish' then came the query, is it the first tip to appear under the bridge, or the entire boat crossing the line. The tip of mine was first, but as it was much longer then the winning boat, I came second.

Boat making aside, this year has begun with so much to do and such awful dull days to do it in!

I had two commissions to, I don't usually take on commissions, I am in that wonderful position of being ably to paint what I want, so I usually turn down any commission, but these two were different.

Its an allotment painting... yipee, right up my street. 
Well, I must first tell you that I visited the said allotment back at the beginning of December. The owner told me exactly where the allotment was and which one it was on the site - no numbers or anything  - just a description. It could have all gone terribly wrong, imagine if I had painted the wrong allotment! HA
I wandered about the allotment in the heavy frost, decided I had definitely spotted the right one and took lots of photos from different angles, then emailed the owner to make sure I had the right one! 
The day I went the light was very low and the photos were a bit dark, but at least I knew which one it was and where it was so I could go back.
blocking in the basics

Anyway, it seems that we have had so much rain and the days have been so dark that any painting at my easel stops by lunch time, today though, it was sunny and I managed to paint until about 2pm in the sun! And this is it... I think its finished. I'll live with it for a few days and make any adjustments if I think it needs them, but basically I am happy with it. 

 the finished painting

I really enjoyed painting this, I love the little houses on the hill and the clutter of the sheds and glass houses on the slope. 
Its my third painting of 2016, I have finished two watercolours which I plan to offer as workshops in late Spring... more about that soon. many of you have already been asking about these and I promise to schedule in dates soon.
I have been having some exciting discussions about new projects to explore this year, so watch this space!
Meanwhile my New Years Resolution is to try and find the time to write my blog a bit more! I know I have neglected you but I just don't know where the days go! 

May 2016 be a healthy, happy one for you, and if you paint, then may your creative journey continue with success!

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