Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Frosty morning walk

I couldn't wait to get out for my early morning walk with Maggie this morning as we had a heavy frost overnight.
This is a barbed wire fence which looks absolutely beautiful today. Most days I wouldn't even notice it, but today.... well, its stunning.

I love these mornings, cold, still and beautiful, it must have been quite misty and damp overnight for the frost to be so thick, even on the tall grasses. The light is such a golden colour, its wonderful to be able to get outdoors and appreciate it.

I walked across the fields and to the river, this is Maggie in her little red coat today, she raced about, sniffing like mad and has had a really lovely couple of hours without getting muddy today! Result!

What ever you are doing with your day today, I hope you find time to 'smell the roses' and have a great day.

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