Monday, 26 January 2015

Planning my painting holiday

Going on a painting holiday is always exciting if not a little daunting. What will the other participants be like? Will they be better than you, will you make friends, all these questions go through your mind, especially if you are travelling alone.
There can also be a fear of what to expect, how you will manage and if you have never painted outdoors before, how on earth you will begin!
As a tutor I have heard some horror stories over the years of people being left on their own to just get on with it (great if that's what you want) and others who didn't like their tutor (always look at your tutors website so you know what to expect) Some tutors are happy to demonstrate whilst others prefer not to, so ask!

We all want different things from a painting holiday, but what all the participants have in common is that they are all on holiday - the tutor however is not. 

Every tutor is different. I like to find out what people hope to achieve during their holiday and how skilled or otherwise they may be, only then can I make sure they succeed.

I am tutoring a painting holiday in Portugal 14th - 21st March 2015, organised by Alpha Painting Holidays.
I went along as an observer on one of their UK painting holidays to see how they ran things, Matt and Gill are wonderful hosts, they take care of everything so that you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and painting.
This is the kind of watercolour technique I will be demonstrating, its at the venue in Portugal, so this will be the kind of thing I will begin with on the first day - just to get you into it.

I am so looking forward to meeting those of you who will be joining me. I have a few ideas to help you and some nice techniques to inspire you. I'm also going to help you with the drawing element of things... oh what fun you will have, sunshine, good food, fab painting locations and me to jolly you on!

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