Sunday, 8 March 2015

Painting Landscapes workshop

Its was a glorious morning yesterday as I drove in sunshine across country to Napton where I was to tutor an acrylic workshop for the day. What a lovely group they were too!

There were 18 painters, a mixed group from beginners to advanced. One lovely lady had her arm in a sling, but nothing was going to stop her having a good day. Everyone was so keep to do well and the room was buzzing with expectation as we began.

We all had different acrylics, a mixture of brushes and all of us had various choices of subjects but the one thing we all had in common was the will to succeed.

I completed my painting in stages throughout the day, giving tips and ideas to everyone as the day progressed.

The techniques we used were all similar, in that we analysed our tonal values first before adding lots of colour and details. This was a new approach for the group which I have to say they embraced whole heartily with super results.

We were all thrilled with the results and a really lovely day was had by all. Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop and made the day such a success!

This is the way I paint, especially if I am outdoors and it is a technique which works well for me, I paint in a very logical way, I don't chop and change my mind through the painting process which I believe keeps my work fresh and lively. Of course we all work differently and I can only show what works for me.

Step 1
Step 2
My final painting

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Nan said...

Yes we had a thoroughly enjoyable day, great fun and learnt such a lot.I had not painted in this way before struggling with tonal values but with Fiona's guidance I succeeded in producing an excellent acrylic painting of my allotment. I it was also lovely back being taught by Fiona again after all those years !!! So thank you again for a brilliant time.