Monday, 5 January 2015

Using Collage ideas

The February issue of Leisure Painter magazine arrived this morning and in it is my article on using collage. There is a really nice simple little idea for you to try if you haven't used collage before, as well as some nice little still life ideas, well... cute tea cups. January can seem gloomy at times so having something bright and cheerful to paint, that doesn't need sunlight is so important to keep up our creativity levels.
I've also included an example of a more complex painting which I recently did wet into wet. I enjoyed doing this so much that I am planning to do more.

We had to sit on a railway station in France for a couple of hours this summer (I won't go into that one) and I began watching the people come and go, the shapes became quite fascinating, especially the contrasts of the sunlight through the station glass roof and the movement of colours. I made a note of a few ideas, did a couple of rough sketches and peacefully whiled away some delay time, which turned out to be the start of the holiday I want to forget. At least SOMETHING came out of it!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Fiona. We've bought the magazine. Happy New Year to you both! Christine & Peter Robinson.