Saturday, 20 April 2013


It was such a busy one that I didn't have the chance to tell you about my day yesterday.

We painted a busy street scene, learnt about perspective and how to place figures within our paintings. This is not an easy subject and this group did really well.

In the afternoon we then used stroke work techniques to paint Iris flowers.
Everyone had one of my Pyramid brushes, and they did particularly well, we learnt about double loading and I have to say, they were impressive.

I had an early start today as I did some filming for a DVD here and began filming at 8am. The DVD is to help beginners to use watercolours in a very wet way, allowing those sumptuous colours to touch and run, letting the paint work for us. The DVD will not be available in Europe, just in Korea.

It was my last teaching day today, it was a fab group, lots of fun. Some students came from as far as 3 hours away to do the workshop. We did a harbour scene in the morning and learnt how to painting figures and reflections.

This afternoon we created lots of texture in our buddlea pictures. This was such a fun day as quite a lot of the students spoke English and each time I said how to do something a big group called out OK.

Thank you to all the lovely Korean students who worked so hard, smiled so much and were such fun. Each day was a joy to teach and I know many of you are following my blog, so a big thank you to you all!

I must just tell you about my experiences with eating noodles last night though.
I think I have managed the chop sticks this time pretty well, but eating noodle soup with chop sticks was hilarious. At first I thought they were all pulling my leg, but no, we had soup with chop sticks, everyone seemed to be managing quite well, the technique seemed to rely on the fact that the noodles just kept going and going, I began to think there was just one long noodle in my bowl! Each time I got a roll of noodle on my chop stick, I would lift it to my mouth and it would slip off the end. John began to find this very funny, then, I just seemed to manage to do it when Terry jogged me with his elbow and the whole lot plopped back into the bowl. John had to take off his glasses he was laughing so much.
The meal was delicious, But I might take a rain check on the noodle soup next time though!

I fly home tomorrow and hope to return again soon.

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Sue in Alaska, USA said...

Every painting in the room looks fantastic! The talent is everywhere! Naturally - with such an incredible instructor!