Friday, 5 April 2013

Fairford Demonstration

Yesterday evening I demonstrated in the beautiful village of Fairford, the theme was a coastal one including figures and using watercolour. This is a lovely group who are doing a workshop with me next month, so this demo was intended to  inspire them to tackle something which includes people.
I completed two paintings, this one on the board was done using the same techniques as the two photos stuck to my board, of paintings done last autumn (which are sold). The painting completed after the break used a floating technique at sunset.

I know lots of people find this a bit daunting, but oh! what fun it can be. Years ago when I was at school I used to do the posters to advertise our annual 'house play' I would do anything possible to avoid the need to add people on the poster. I thought people were too tricky and never imagined ever painting them. Teachers are so important to inspire youngsters, and in those days my teachers were strict and art was not considered important so it took me till I was in my late 20's before I painted a figure.
Its funny how these  things can affect us for so long. Now people are one of my favourite subjects!

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