Thursday, 18 April 2013

Third teaching day in S Korea

Project book
My third day teaching today, we have tackled so many different techniques so far, but each student will have 6 A3 practise books with two paintings in each as well as 6 step by step projects books to take back home with them to work from, before attending the next course. There are also a series of video clips which they use to learn from, they get a pass code to access them and can upload their own projects for moderation. It's a brilliant on line teaching set up.
I have devised this course and have been invited to devise 12 more projects later this year.

These are quite large as you can see, and they look wonderful.
All of the techniques covered in the course have been filmed so that the students can go on line and watch them again to help them practise. Its quite a challenge as all of the film clips have to have subtitles in Korean.

Many of the  students can understand some English, so that my translator is being tested with his interpretations! I go round the group to help and although John comes with me, many have a really good grasp of English. It puts us Brits to shame really.
At lunch time we all go to a local restaurant where there is a daily menu, a selection of small dishes and rice which we eat with chop sticks as well as a soup (usually spicy) Obviously not chop sticks for that!
Then back to work in the afternoon with another project.

This evening we ate Japanese food, sushi and some scrummy fish dishes with wasabi, hot as anything! And delicious.

More tales from an artist visiting Korea tomorrow (or Saturday depending on my schedule)

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Unknown said...

Its great to hear your having fun whilst working so hard.I cant wait to hear about the food and the interpretors interpretations! Poor john! I've loved the pics so far and cant wait to see more xx missing you and looking forward to you being home x