Friday, 26 April 2013

Harbour Views article

I have just received the June issue of Leisure Painter and my article on Harbour views using Daniel Smith paints is in it. I compare the different ways we look at subjects and include a step by step if you fancy trying some flicking and splashing of paint!
Preparing to set sail - watercolour

There is also a two page advert for the Patchings festival which will be later in June, I cant believe it has come around so quickly! I will be demonstrating in the Artist Publishing marquee again for the 4 days, its free to come and watch where I will paint 20 paintings during the show, all of which I need to plan.... Ive got a few ideas and will let you know a bit nearer the time.

I am off to Sudeley Castle later this morning. Katherine Parr is buried there and there are tales of an elegant lady in a long green gown seen roaming the gardens, how exciting! The royal history and intrigue is fascinating, I shall take some photos and let you know how my day goes. Its sunny here at the moment so I might manage a quick painting... in the gardens

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Sue in AK said...

Just think this is perfect! You can see for miles...not even an hour to complete, you have inspired me!