Thursday, 27 February 2014

More Paintings for the Burford Gallery

I took advantage of any sunshine we had this month and have managed to complete six paintings done at the allotments, some took more than one trip and some were finished in the studio, just the finishing touches really. I tend to put them up and live with them for a couple of days and if I notice something doesn't look right, I adjust it. Having said that, there is always the risk of tinkering with it too much, then all that immediacy is lost, so I take care not to do much after the painting session.
Varnishing on the kitchen table

These are my latest six, all 10 x 12 inches, landscape format (although the photo suggests otherwise) which just goes to prove that photos do lie!

They are all framed and I delivered them to the Burford Gallery this afternoon, they went straight on the wall as ALL of my winter paintings had sold which is fabulous. 

Although I would love to paint all the time, alas, life is not like that, I have workshops to plan, articles to write and I really must catch up on all sorts of things, so if you are thinking how 'it must be wonderful to be an Artist and paint all the time'…. I doubt if there are any who manage that! What ever time you have to paint, grasp it and enjoy it.

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