Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Painting stages from the allotment painting

Usually when I paint, I switch off completely and just when I am nearing the finish I think... oh not again, I forgot to take photos during the painting.
This time I remembered to take some, I think they seem a bit washed out, the colours look much richer and fuller when I look at the actual painting, but I still think it may be nice to share the process with you. I managed to crop them so they look reasonably neat, without stuff in the background.

The canvas board is 10 x 12 inches, its small enough to carry with me and complete within a couple of hours. I first prime the surface (I usually do four, ready to paint on).
I start with a very dilute wash just blocking in the shapes and composition. I can change my mind and alter things, its just the start but its a nice way to work quickly.

Adding a few more blocks of colour now. Again I can change things, its all very fluid at this stage.

In go the lights.

Then the big rich colours, no more dilute blocking in, its down to the serious stuff now.

Then the finishing touches. Knowing when to stop before I start to fiddle. Often the weather or indeed the cold is the deciding factor!

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Ian McKendrick said...

Lovely work Fiona, thanks for sharing. I'm looking forwards to seeing more of your work :-)