Thursday, 23 January 2014

Painting in the allotments this morning

After all the rain we have had, I have been busy indoors catching up on all sorts of things and haven't really minded not going out to paint too much, but today we had sunshine so I left everything and took the opportunity to go to our local allotments.
There I was merrily painting away when a passer by (you always get a few) came for a look.
Now people who watch you paint can either stand quietly and say very little, or they chat away to you (which can sometimes be a bit irritating, especially if you are trying to catch the light) it is often the case however, that people tell you either all about how they can paint, or that they know someone who paints... well... this morning, a chap got talking to me and told me that he used to go to art college indeed he was really good at painting, so good in fact, that he could have been a professional... but he got in with a bad group, people told him... he would have been really good but for the drink!!
Anyway, I thought I would share that with you!

This is my painting, done this morning on a 10 x 12 inch canvas board, fresh off the easel, the picture is a bit wonky and I will take a better one another time. I am happy with it, I'm all fired up again and hoping to go painting again tomorrow.

At the allotments Jan 23rd 2014

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