Thursday, 21 November 2013

Filming for a new DVD

Surrounded by cameras and lights is a really strange place to paint, I try to imagine that one of the many lovely people who come on my workshops is sitting opposite me (this is the camera that glares opposite me) so I end up chatting away to myself as I paint.
It is then the job of my editor 'Mike' to edit out all of my 'chat' and keep in the bits that seem most important.

No matter what the weather, the lights offer a constant bright working area for me, I almost wish I had them all the time! It means that we can work even when its dark outside, and by 4pm when the  light is fading, I don't even notice and just carry on, so we got an incredible amount done.

I cant believe how much we are going to be able to offer on this new DVD, well, its to go with a book which is 142 pages, so there is a lot I wanted to include and of course lots I cant, it was SO hard choosing what I thought you might like to tackle so I ended up  doing 6 projects as well as 2 extra demonstrations.

Its now Mikes job to try and fit it all onto one DVD! Here is a small section of a bigger painting I shall be showing you how I paint -  a taster of what's to come!



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