Monday, 18 November 2013

Basingstoke Demo and new DVD preparation

I had such a lovely morning last Friday with the Basingstoke group, I painted a lovely Italian street scene, then the following day I tutored a workshop for 16. I must say, they did brilliantly.
The street scene was quite complex, but I used multiple layers of watercolour washes to create the impression of light, I also showed how I alter compositions, using one photo of the street view, but changing the figures to have the ones I want in the painting. After all, the likelihood of having that perfect photo is slim. I used some of my sketches to show how I alter the scale of the figures so that the perspective is accurate, then only once all the planning is done, I paint!

I have had a busy two days, preparing for the filming this week of my new DVD. It is to accompany my latest book due to be published in March.
The thing is, it uses various water soluble media, the sort of stuff we all have in our cupboards but are not sure how to use, well once I began planning the DVD I just wanted to include more and more... OK I thought, 8 painting ideas later.... this is going to be a double DVD!
I'm planning to paint children in a variety of techniques, sheep, hens, a cockerel and a horse as well as some sunflowers. You can see why this is going to be a double!

My film maker comes this afternoon to set up the cameras, so I might have to break it gently to him that these next three days are going to be pretty full.
If I get the chance to let you know how its going, I will.

Wish me luck!

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Victor Errington said...

Hi Fiona.
I have just discovered your Blog on your Husbands Web, and very glad that I did. Your paintings are fantstic, although i don`t normally paint in watercolour, i can see that you are a fantastic painter. So is Terry.
We have had a visit from terry at our club. I haven`t checked yet to see is Terry has a blog that I can follow, but I certainly will follow yours Fiona. My Wife Rosemary had some Jigsaw`s sent to her, and low and behold, Terry`s paintings, fantastic. All the best to the two of you.