Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Working in my studio

This has been such a hectic week, I haven't managed to even think about my blog never mind write it. I had so many lovely visitors to my Open Studio, many from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Denmark, a few people from the UK dropped by too!

This photo is of the garden outside my studio, all the flowers are out and it is always a pleasure having this little view.

Today I was helping at a fund raising event in the village and although I now feel like putting my feet up, I thought you might have been wondering if I had stopped painting! Or gone into a summer hibernation.

I am now working on my next book to be published in March 2014, I will be concentrating on this for the rest of this month apart from a few demos and a very exciting trip to Wimbledon planned. I am hoping for sunshine so I can people watch and collect ideas for people paintings.
This is the latest painting I am working on. Not a good photo but you get the idea.


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Sue in Alaska said...

Such a nice photo of your garden area outside your studio! All the combined colors look beautiful! I cannot wait for your new book to arrive... goodness knows - I have so, so many different water soluble goodies waiting to be dusted off and opened again! It could take almost a year finding them and to pull them all out and tinker with them.

Any chance of a video to go with that book? Sorry, I had to ask.