Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Painting indoors this week

This week its been so dark and dreary so I have been working indoors, as soon as the sun shines, everything else goes on hold and I paint, even if I can only have a few hours, I grab them. This week however, there has been no sun at tall, not even a tiny glimpse of it, so I bought a bunch of tulips and hyacinths to brighten up the days.
The smell is divine, its that heady scent that fills the room. You just can't help feeling that Spring must be round the corner.
Sometimes the lack of shadows can be an asset, it means I need to concentrate on colours and shapes more. I enjoyed painting this one, you cant see the pink cloth very well on this photo, but its a loose checked pink and white one, so I exaggerated the pink somewhat, well, why not! The cup wasn't empty by the way, it did have tea in it, but I drank it, and had to make another when it came to painting it.

 This afternoon I am off to Exmouth, ready for a demonstration in the morning. Its going to be a fun one, acrylics on canvas. The society asked for a coastal scene with boats, so I plan to do something exciting and fun! I will show you what I paint for them when I get back.

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