Monday, 4 February 2013

Latest Painting Flowers in Watercolour book

Today I received a copy of my new book due to be published on March 15th. Its always exciting to get the first hard copy because no matter how the proofs look, holding that real book in your hand is always a bit special.
So this is it, its a practical art book A5, so, nice and small, easy to fit next to you if you are working from it or to pop into your art bag. I wanted it to be full of small, achievable ideas, lots of  tips and techniques as well as having 10 simple projects all achievable in 30 minutes (well, an hour if you count setting up your art stuff but all pretty easy).

Its flowers, but don't think that means just flower studies, no, there's lots of lovely ideas like this bike with flowers project. All the steps are shown so you can have a go yourself, its much simpler than you might think.

Or this lovely posy of mixed flowers, it looks tricky, but its really not, you can adapt the ideas in the book to make your own paintings but what I really wanted when writing this book was to inspire you to try some different techniques and unusual compositions. 

 This afternoon tea still life might look complex, but just take the whole thing slowly and its not so tricky.

If you think you might like this book its a snip at just £6.99. Please support me as the author and buy a signed copy direct from me from my website from March 15th

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