Monday, 26 March 2018

Hooray! Finished!

After a lot of gluing, waiting and gluing again, my elephant lamp is complete!
actually, its really lovely and I'm thrilled with it, however, it makes me wonder how many people buy these and never quite get around to finishing them.
The thing is, you can only glue perhaps two sections at once (often just one) then you have to wait until the glue has dried before gluing the next, otherwise the first bit moves and you get a wonky elephant.
I also found that I was gluing myself quite a bit, so I reverted to wearing rubber gloves so that I could get on with other things while the sections dried and not have to keep washing my hands.

Anyway! This is it. It looks lovely lit as well as just standing in all its glory.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Beautiful elephant lamp. Not seen this before. The recpient will love thier gift, it is always nice to receive something someone has made with love and lots of effort! 😉