Wednesday, 16 April 2014

South Korea, Leicester, Peterborough and Tewkesbury

I was full of good intentions, as soon as I got back from South Korea I was going to write my blog, but life got in the way and things became so hectic that a whole week has flown by. My feet have hardly touched the ground.
The week in S Korea was fantastic, the students were fabulous, I tweeted images each day so here are a couple of photos from one of the 6 workshops I did.

I had such a fun workshop in Doncaster with a lovely group of people all wanting a fun day painting a street scene, it was great. (Such fun I forgot to take a group photo) 

Then Driving south, my next demo was in Leicester, wow this group have a fabulous venue, these are the gardens. Inspiration on their doorstep all year round, stunning. 

They had specifically asked me to paint an allotment scene, so this was what I did for them. This is a very jolly group, lots of banter, it was such a fun morning.

Then it was off to Peterborough to paint flowers, wearing my piny (apron) from South Korea. I seem to buy one each time I go because they are so lovely.

Friday I had a catch up day which drifted into Saturday as well but on Sunday I had a switch off day. This week I have demonstrated in Tewkesbury and have tried to catch up on admin before it piles up so high I can't see over the top of it!

I am excited to be helping at a farm with lambing over the week end as well as visiting a sheep auction, I love to see all the fabulous different breeds all penned ready for sale, and watching the auction is fascinating. If I manage time to do a sketch, I shall show you, meanwhile, I have another busy day tomorrow.

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