Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter at the farm - (not for the squeamish)

Easter this year was full of the joy of new life, with the arrivals of the Spring lambs. I have been looking forward to visiting the farm for weeks and i was thrilled to witness lambing in full swing when I arrived. (Violet and Richard probably weren't quite as thrilled as I was as they had been up most nights last week helping the ewes with the lambing) but I am just an on looker and for me it was fabulous!

As the mothers wait to have their lambs in the centre of the shed, there are penned off areas where the new arrivals and their mothers are safe for a few days before being let out onto the fields.
I peered over the pens to see some wonderful tiny new lambs and their proud mums peering back up at me.

This is me with a 6 hour old lamb, it was so warm and soft, absolutely wonderful. 

I was fortunate to witness the birth of a lamb, which was rather special - but look away now if you are squeamish in any way.....

The new lambs nose and tongue is just visible, this is the perfect birth position I am told.

Violet needs to assist the lamb a little, but the mother bonds straight away and begins licking her new arrival. I never thought new born lambs could be yellow! There is something rather wonderful about watching this whole process. 
I kept my distance as the sheep don't know me and its important not to spook them at such a time.

This is the new arrival, isn't it wonderful? The other ewes are a bit curious and come for a look at the new arrival, they don't get too close and are not a threat in any way.

After a couple of days to make sure they are ok, they are then let out into the field next to the farm. Unfortunately, the very tiny ones are easy pickings for the fox and the following morning sadly one of these lovely little lambs had been taken.

This is where I take a lot of my photos which I then use for reference in my paintings... sketches and paintings coming soon, i am sure!

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