Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The final touches

I bet lurking in a cupboard somewhere you have some water soluble pencils, art sticks or paint someone probably gave to you once they heard you enjoyed painting! You might have had a go with them, been a bit disappointed and promptly put them back in the cupboard again.

If you are one of those people..... and there are lots of you, I know..... then my new book is going to be PERFECT for you!
I am SO EXCITED about this book!

Its all about various water soluble media - any of it - what ever you have, get it out, dust it down and start using it to create some great work. There are a couple of step by steps in the book but it is PACKED FULL of ideas and techniques, nothing waffy just lots of clear information from sketching right through to using collage and most important HOW to use the various media - techniques, and lots of them. I have included lots of finished art works to inspire you with ideas indeed there are over 100 paintings in this book, some didn't make it in there as there just wasn't enough room. It began as a 128 page book but there was just SO much I was LONGING to show you that Search Press have extended it to 142 pages.
I am now putting the finishing touches to my new book due to be published in March 2014 its called.... PAINTING AND DRAWING USING WATER-SOLUBLE MEDIA my name MIGHT fit on the front somewhere!
The deadline is looming but all of the paintings are done there is just the final tweaking, making sure all the images have the right titles on them, the text is all on the right pages etc.

If you buy my book from me it will of course be signed but ALSO I am giving away a special gift with it..... more about this later!

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