Wednesday, 11 September 2013

First days demo at our Open Studio Event

What a hectic day it has been, with people coming all day which has been lovely. Thank you to everyone who visited us, especially the lovely group from Dunstable who were such a fun group.

Rather than working on lots of demos during the day which is what I tend to do at a show, at this Open Studio event I have been building up just one painting and working flat, soaking 200lb Bockingford paper, tilting it, flicking on paint and allowing layers to dry before adding more.
Visitors have managed to come and go throughout the day and some were very keen to see the final painting but were not able to come back, so I promised to take a photo and show you.

After masking off the lightest sections of the painting I then used DANIEL SMITH colours, working very wet, allowing the pigments to separate and create some fab effects. This mid stage looks very strange and needs a confident approach when dropping an splashing on the darks! Of course I know where its all going and what I plan to do next which I explain as I go along so hopefully the people watching get a feel for how its going to look when its finished.

There were two more stages after this before it was finished, and this is it.

I wanted to achieve a glorious sunlit scene and I am really happy with it.

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