Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Lets paint together

I know many of you, particularly those who live on their own may be finding the prospect of self isolation daunting, and as this pandemic escalates, more of us will be indoors.
It is particularly nice when you email me about a post which has inspired you, so I know there are some of you who would like to paint with me and although you may all be at different skill levels, I think I will devise some painting which we can all enjoy.

I walked around my 'local' arboretum this afternoon, in the drizzle, thinking that this could be the last time I get the chance to do so for a while, Maggie got soaked and kept pulling me towards the exit, and I finally gave way when the water began pouring off my hat brim as I bent forward.
Passing through the plant shop on my way out some anemones and cowslips caught my eye.

These are what I bought, I intend to inspire you to get those paints out and paint along with me over the coming days and probably weeks. We will do some small little warm up exercises as well as some complete paintings.
I'm also going to get you to really look at things (I know, that sounds odd) but I will include photos to help and I hope you will join me.
You may like to keep a painting/sketch journal over this time, or a portfolio of your work so you can see your progress. (this is a posh 'arty' term for a folder or carrier bag with your paintings in it)

So lets paint together. 

Stay safe and thank you to Agnes in France who sent me 'safe kisses' what a nice thought :)

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