Saturday, 11 January 2020

the minefield that is social media

Goodness me, has it really been that long since I wrote a post?
I must stop telling myself that I should only write something that people may want to read, that really does limit me somewhat, so perhaps I should write when I think I have something to say.
After all, people write stuff about nothing at all.

So other than walk the dog, and do a minimal bit of tidying up and paper shuffling, today I have done nothing.
My excuse is, that I have been poorly for the last 10 days, so I'm pacing myself and taking things slow. Like a long distance runner (only in my case, I'm walking)

I am bucking the trend here by admitting this, because it would seem that if you are on social media, then life is exciting, fun filled, busy and of course successful on so many levels. This goes without saying, so I shouldn't have said that. 

I do find SM confusing. I have only recently realised that when someone says DM me, its not some weird fetish of some sort.
People I don't know and have never met ask me to 'like' their page.
I find myself talking out loud to the screen saying 'why, when I have no idea who you are'? and I don't.
(if that's you, then you knew this already, but then, I doubt if it will be, because you are unlikely to be reading my blog)

It is a mystery to me the Facebook etiquette when it comes to clicking 'like'

I'm not sure how one would react to some posts, for example, someone I barely know posted regarding a relationship breakup that would appear to be on the acrimonious side as well as somewhat recent.
If the 'friend' (whom I barely know) is 'delighted to be rid of the b*****d and the person they are currently having relations with (although that wasn't exactly the way it was put) is now welcome to them..........who clicks 'like'? (and they did!)

(that was a rhetorical question by the way, please don't feel you need to answer it)

Does 'like' mean - yes, you are well rid of them, or does it mean 'poor you how awful'
Is 'like' some sort of encouragement? I hardly know you but I'm now gripped by your saga which is now unfurling and I would be delighted to keep reading about your misery?

Undoubtedly spurred on by these 'likes' the drama increased in its informative suggestions regarding the attributes or otherwise of the offending party and their various personal habits.
It became, over a short space of time what can only be described as entertaining, awaiting the next instalment a morbid curiosity.

This all reinforces my view that my posting a little photo of a painting we did in a workshop may not be as gripping as a 'social soap' but in 2020 if I have nothing to tell you, I may still have something to say.

If you have read thus far, then I applaud you for your perseverance and it only leaves me to wish you heath and happiness for 2020

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