Friday, 19 January 2018

First steps to painting again

It was April last year that I last painted. Never has so much time passed by, without me picking up my paint brushes, but for the first time since then, I now have an urge to paint again. I have been thinking about it for a couple of days, but today was different, I felt a real determination rather than just a thought.
When we had the heavy snow fall a few weeks back I went out and took some photos, this was my first step to thinking about painting subjects again.

This morning I took out my paints (which have been packed away in a cupboard) I even have a prepared board (so no excuse to delay)

There were two stay-wet palettes and this was the first one I opened! The smell was so overpowering as I lifted the lid that I ran outside, threw away the paper palette and the box and sponge are now soaking in bleach!

So I now intend to set up my easel and see what happens.

Hopefully I will have something to share with you, and it would be so encouraging to know you are interested in what I paint!


Gilly C. said...

Fiona - So pleased you are feeling like painting again. I imagine it's been a horrible year for you. Looking forward to your ideas and your creations - you never know, you might feel better having actually accomplished something. xx

corikay said...

So glad to hear that your interest in painting has returned. I am interested in what you gravitate toward in the future. Lead with your heart, your hand will follow! Blessings!

ferrelli said...

I can’t wait to see what you paint after throwing the old palette out. Now everything is fresh and new and waiting for your ideas to flow. Take a deep breath and enjoy this experience as you renew yourself! ��

Unknown said...

Was there a reason you quit painting last April?
Whatever the reason, it is good to get back to it.

Mike Norris said...

Fiona,your book 30 minutes watercolour was the inspiration that started me on my painting journey,I am so glad you have started painting again after a difficult 2017.

Sue Martin said...

Great to see you painting again.