Monday, 5 December 2016

Up for a Challenge?

If you fancy a bit of a painting challenge, you might like to read the January 2017 issue of the Leisure Painter magazine. I have set this challenge which is all about looking for 'shapes not details' 

If you can't get the magazine and you would still like to do the painting challenge then this is what you need to do - 

This is the reference photo for you to use.

I would like you to work from this photo, be as creative as you wish, use any medium or a mix of media, monochrome or colour, work from all or part of the photo, remove anything or indeed add anything and work in any size. The only proviso is that you concentrate on shapes and avoid details.

I will also use this photo and in the February edition of the magazine will be my interpretation of the photo.

If you would like to take part in this challenge, please submit images of your finished painting to and she will show the results on the project area of 'Leisure Painters' website
I shall select a group of paintings to critique over the coming weeks and these will appear in a future issue of Leisure Painter magazine. If you would like to see your work printed in the magazine then get out your paints and have a go.

It is obviously better if you read the article that goes with the challenge, the Leisure Painter magazine is available in the UK and subscriptions are world wide.

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