Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Having fun painting figures

I thought you might like to see my interpretation of the slightly abstract figures which I planned to use as my reference for one of my demos at the Patchings Art Festival last week end. I used acrylics and pastels and this was the result.
The colours were so rich and sumptuous, Im now not sure if I prefer this one to the original! This just shows how good it is to experiment, you just never quite know what will happen.

Many of my demos were watercolour and although I painted flowers, which are always popular, I also painted children. I love the challenge of painting people, telling a story and most exciting, adding sunlight. For this  painting I had a dull little  photo as my reference, with no sunlight, it was a flat grey day, so I showed the audience how I use a photo but decide on the light source and paint my figures in lovely sunshine.

This is the next stage after its dry

Then another demo along the same lines. I used a limited palette and showed how I mix skin tones, then gave a few tips about painting flesh and making figures look realistic. I think figures in watercolour must be my favourite. I enjoy other subjects, but the challenge of figures is such fun!

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