Monday, 11 April 2016

Warminster Art Society Painting workshop

What a great day we all had on Saturday, and what a fun group this is!
I am thrilled to tell you that it was such a success that they have booked me for next year already! Thank you!

The workshop was using acrylics, and although some people had not had much experience using them, they all came prepared with their canvasses, paper and so much enthusiasm that we were bound to succeed. This group also enjoy the odd slice of cake during the day which seemed to keep their energy levels up because they worked hard and concentrated all day.

Our theme was painting children paddling and this was my demonstration after the first stage of  basic 'blocking in'
You can see examples of 2 of my finished paintings using these techniques, so its useful to see the sort of result we aim to achieve on the day as well as a more 'worked' painting. I usually take the minimum of equipment and paint in a similar way to the way I paint 'plein air' my aim is to avoid all details and concentrate on purely the important elements of the subject using simple brush strokes to achieve this.

Once this stage is reached its a question of adding more colour but maintaining the tonal values. 

This is the stage my painting reached once I add simple brush strokes without too much detail.

This is my final painting once I added a bit more. I could keep working on it and build it up so that it was pretty detailed, but I think that would make it looked overworked and it would loose its impact. 

I had a lovely day with you all in Warminster and I hope you were inspired to use these techniques in the future. Well done everyone.

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