Friday, 11 March 2016

Fun with oil pastels PART 2

Project – Teatime
If you practiced the techniques in my last post, this will be really easy for you to achieve and lots of fun. I love this little picture, its just 6x 6 inches, don't make yours too big!

What you will need
A 2B pencil or similar
180gms smooth drawing paper or sketch paper (thicker if you have it)
A scraping out tool such as an embossing tool, cocktail stick, or metal paper clip.
(The embossing tools are super, there are three in the pack and they each have a different size metal ball on the end, so you have 6 sizes in the set. These are useful for all sorts of things and are very good value)

The following colours (or similar)
Light Blue
Yellow Ochre
Bright Purple
Light Pink
Dark Blue

Draw a square 6” x 6”
Copy the lines into your square using a pencil. It doesn't have to be exactly the same, you can draw anything similar. Don’t worry if your drawing isn’t too good, we are going to cover most of it up with the pastels.

Its always a good idea to begin with the lightest brightest colours, because we can always go over the top of them with our dark ones, but often the lighter colours don’t look as fresh when put on top of the dark ones. (remember this, its a good tip)

Using Fuchsia, boldly colour in the entire top background, don’t worry if it looks a bit streaky because we are going to cover all of this up so that when we scrape (using the scfarritto technique) the top colour off, this Fuchsia is the colour that we will then see.
Colour the pot in using Light Blue.
Using Yellow Ochre, colour the cloth area and the cup and saucer.
We are going to blend White with the Yellow Ochre on the cup and saucer to make a creamy colour, so you don’t need to be too neat with this. If some of the background paper shows, that’s fine.
Little bits of pastel may be left on the top of your drawing, these can either be blended in, or wiped off with your finger.
You can use any colour combinations you choose, please don't feel you have to stick to my ideas.

Use the White pastel to blend with the Yellow Ochre to lighten the cup and saucer. You will still be able to see the pencil lines under the pastel so don’t worry about going over the edges.
Cover the entire pot with Light Purple.
Isn't this easy? Honestly, if you enjoy using sumptuous colour then this is such fun!

Blend Purple into the Light Purple on the pot. This results in a deeper more intense creamy finish. You can use one pastel onto another to blend or you can smudge it a little with your fingers. A little of the lighter colour will show through, this is fine. I love these colour combinations, but remember, you can choose what you like.

This is when you can go crazy with your colours.
Using Bright Pink, block in some stripes on top of the Yellow Ochre cloth. Use the pastel in an up and down direction so that any texture is in the direction of the stripes. Any little bits on top can be gently brushed away or blended in.

Tip – using the scraper tool you can draw on the stripes to plan where you want to put them before using the Bright Pink. If the lines are not where you want them, you can always cover them up and start again.
 Cover the Fuchsia with Dark Blue, leaving no spaces. Make sure you create a neat edge against the teapot and cloth.

Then using the same Dark Blue, cover the square behind the cup and saucer.
This will appear different as it is covering Yellow Ochre and Bright Pink whereas the top section it covers Fuchsia.

Tip - Applying one colour over another can sometimes be surprising, and may not always be as you expect, so always try a little section out first on a spare sheet of paper.

Adding all of the scraffito work is the fun part, scrape away any patterns, stripes, lettering, flowers anything you like.
Bear in mind that the scraffito technique always works better when used on a dark surface.
Add spots onto the cup and saucer using Light Purple, and then on top of those spots scrape out the tiny flowers to match the pot.

I hope you have enjoyed using Oil Pastels. If you would like to try some other project ideas in the future I plan to add more soon.
Have fun!

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