Thursday, 28 May 2015

New workshop and a bit of personal news

Those of you who like to come to my workshops from time to time will perhaps have realised that I am not offering any workshops in September or October this year, this is because at the end of September we are expecting our first grandchild! We are very excited about it of course and perhaps this has inspired me a little with the final workshop I am offering for this year on November 14th. Painting children paddling, we will be painting a couple of paintings during the workshop, of both boys and girls. 
This will give you an idea of the kind of thing we will do.

I will be able to paint some more examples for you this summer when the river here in the village is crowded with children many with little fishing nets and home made boats. I will enjoy sharing these lovely techniques with you in November. 

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Sparklyjools said...

A new grandchild! How exciting for you both - wonderful news! I did a workshop with you last autumn Fiona, and it has been so helpful - not only in helping me expand my use of water soluble media, and experiment more with colour - and it has also allowed me to develop these in my textile art.