Monday, 22 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Today is the final day before I engulf myself in Christmas. I have been painting each day this month to complete a series of paintings for Galleries and today the final group will arrived all beautifully framed and ready to hang. Its so exciting to see a painting framed, and I have to say, it is with a little pang of sadness coupled with excitement that I wrap them up to hang on someone else's wall. They will all go to loving homes and give pleasure to others and surely, that's what painting is all about.
I get so much enjoyment from painting so its perfect that someone else gets enjoyment from living with them. 

Many of you are probably well organised for Christmas, all our gifts are wrapped and under the tree but the fridge is looking pretty bare and as the family all arrive tomorrow I had better get my skates on! I did however make the cranberry sauce yesterday afternoon and collected our turkey from the farmers market. There is not a mince pie in sight though!

So to all of you who enjoy painting and take the time to read my very infrequent blog, have a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, happy 2015 :)

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