Monday, 24 March 2014

The Great Escape!

What a busy weekend I have had! I decided to switch off so spent most of it painting which was just as well as three of my paintings sold in Burford this weekend so I plan to take more  later this week. I painted in the allotments on Saturday and posted in real time on twitter my painting stages, but I didn't want you to miss out, so I have cropped them and chosen a few, here they are.

I started  with a prepared canvas which was covered in a fabulous warm ochre colour, this was to act as a warm base colour. I put in my darks and my lights, so the base acts as my mid tone.  

Then I like to establish a few brights, it positions the important blocks of colour, so I can now tell if the painting is balanced. 

The shed was actually green but I thought if I painted it red (and there is actually a red shed near by) it would balance the red of the wheel in the bottom right corner. Green might have been a bit lost. 

The greens that are sprouting now are the most vivid colour, really bright, I love them! Time also to get in all the distant sheds and stuff, stuff I can't really make out, but its there and it needs to go in.

Those bean poles just HAVE to go in, I can no longer resist them! Then its time for the  background greens and foliage, I used my fingers to smudge the paint flicks to appear like tiny foliage. Its those minute little green shoots, they seem like a haze of bright greens.

This was the stage I had to leave it, the foreground needed a bit doing to finish it, but I ran out of time.
At this stage there is a real danger of over working it.

The final painting, I did not do much more. I am happy with that.... it will go to Burford.

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