Sunday, 1 December 2013

Winter collection at Burford

I painted a collection of paintings earlier this year when we had a wonderful fall of snow back in January. I went out each day, hoping the sun would come out, but each day I painted and the sun remained stubbornly behind thick clouds. I did however manage to paint a lovely little collection of paintings outdoors, in some it is actually snowing and a couple had to be completed back indoors once I had thawed out, I loved the experience though and the results were quite different from any painted indoors.

They went to the framers this summer and are now hanging in the Burford Gallery.

They seem to be very popular because another two sold this week, the gallery asked if I had any more but I had to say no. If it snows again this winter I shall be looking for new subjects. I have to be honest and say.... I hope it does!

Burford Art Gallery, Shilton Road, Burford

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